lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

A great place to relax and feel like you are with family!

This was an incredible visit...the family made us feel welcome ...even to the point that their 15 yr old son, Andy took our 17 yr old to the town to have "good clean fun " at the discoteque in town. This is a town filled with good family values that is so hard to find in any country these days. The house is a gorgeous colonial home that is beautifully being restored by Lester and his wife Nety with very careful plans and attention to detail. They are very cordial, hospitable and eager to please...they even set up a scuba diving experience for our son in Cayo Las Brujas when this was a new experience for went off without a hitch. (the beach there is incredibly gorgeous and tranquil....made us feel like we were in a private carribean beach !)...The food is only critique is that they cook too much and we always felt bad leaving anything on the plate since they went to such obvious care and detail for every meal..... My favorite meals would be their fresh "pargo" (trout?), Nety;s arroz con gris and Lester's breakfast spanish style tortilla (frittatta with potatoe and onions) with chorizo gingerly displayed in small individual plates for each person.....exquisite!.....Let's not forget Lester's delicous mojitos with fresh yerba buena from his yard!!....He supplies the whole neighborhood with yerba buena! ...We really appreciate this family and they made us feel sentimental if leaving family behind! Thank you again Lester, Nety, Andy and Nail. and their assitant, (name - ? - too many mojitos!))...we miss you all!...PS....thank Filipe for all the help he gave us with transportation!!...

Love, Diana, Michael and Tyler from Houston
Houston, Texas

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