miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

“A must...”

What a great time we had at Lester & Naty charming Casa... As usual we lost ourselves at the arrival, but Lester had the instinct to come by and find us (we were driven backwards in the wrong street!). He help us out with the warmest smile we've seen in Cuba! He also is, without any doubt, the best cook ever (his Caldo de Langosta was simply divine) and both Naty and Lester are truly passionated people about their region history and culture. And no wonder why... since Remedios - “cuna” of the vibrant and majestic “Parranda” - is such a lovely place! Visiting the church and his gorgeous altar, we had the chance to meet the most beloved “ciudadano ilustre”(92 yo) of Remedios, who generously shared with us the five Pillars for a successful marriage in front of a pregnant version of the Virgin Mary Statue!

As usual, we forgot our wallet when leaving... but, as if there were family, Lester & Naty managed to reach the Hotel where we were heading and kept our little fortune perfectly safe !!

Juan C
Montreal, Canadá

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