martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

“Lester and Naty made my trip to Cuba a fantastic experience”

The front entrance
I can't overstress how happy I am that I lucked into reserving at Buen Viaje for my first night in Cuba. Not only was it a nice Casa, Lester and Naty made me feel truly welcome in their family home. They are working hard to grow their business, and have big plans in the works for the gardens and another room.

When Lester found out I had no specific plans for where to stay, he gave me excellent suggestions and then booked me into a fantastic series of casas for the rest of the trip. All of his suggestions were excellent, and the people I met through Lester's introductions were all uniformly inspiring and hospitable.

The back courtyard
In retrospect, I wish I'd spent more time in Remedios. It's a beautiful little town, with many interesting landscapes nearby. If you're thinking of visiting Planet Cuba, Hostal Buen Viaje is an excellent place to get oriented, and Lester and Naty (and family) are the most gracious of hosts.

Ottawa, Canada

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